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Table football, commonly referred to as foosball, is a popular and exciting game enjoyed globally.
To ensure that each match is played with fairness and competitive spirit, it is

essential to know the game's rules.

01 - No Spinning 

This is the most important rule of the game. At no point in time should any player spin any of their rods 360 degrees. Not only is this damaging to the table, but it is also an illegal move.

02 - No Jarring

Moving the table, bumping it, pounding on a sidewall, or lifting it at one end all count as jarring in the game of foosball. Any contact with the game table that intends to directly impact the path of the ball is illegal. 

03 - No Distractions  

Maintaining focus is crucial for a fair and enjoyable game, both for you and your opponents. Avoid distracting your opponents or other team members while the game is underway. Do not touch your opponent's rods, and any unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

04 - Dead Balls

Your hand may only enter the playing field when there is a dead ball. A dead ball is any instance where the ball has come to a stop and cannot be reached by either team's players. If the ball is not movable, call out "dead ball," reach in, and serve it again. The team that scored last will serve the ball.

05 - Serving 

A ball can be served through any hole in the table. You cannot serve the ball to yourself at any point in the game. The serve must be directed at your opponent. After a goal is made, the team that didn’t score serves next. If the ball leaves the table, the team that scored last serves.

06 - Scoring

The only requirement to legally score is to get the ball into the goal. The point still counts even if the ball bounces out after entering the goal. The first team to 5 points wins the game. 

07 - Keep it moving 

The ball must constantly be in motion. It can only be still in one place for 15 seconds at a time unless it’s in midfield. Then the ball must be moved within 10 seconds of possession.

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